Friday, June 5, 2009

Can I still be a blogger after a two month absence?

It's been awhile. I know.

Mercury went retrograde and is finally moving in a direct fashion, but of course, we're in that pesky shadow phase. But what a moon cycle this has been. Time was slow like syrup and yet I was faster than a jack rabbit (you have to go to writer's school to come up with those clever little pithy lines - j/k). So finally last week I got the cosmic 2 x 4 and it didn't matter how many herbal teas or infusions or tinctures I drank, I was going to be sick until I learned to sit my ass down and rest. Still have one of those really pretty sounding coughs...

I moved into my first-ever pad. Yeah! I actually really love my alone time. It's so precious. I still don't have pictures because I dropped my camera in the River Dulce in Guatemala while kayaking and looking out for howler monkeys. And I like that story so much that apparantly retelling is more important than capturing life's images. So I have no new home pics to share, but let me just say.. my new digs are AWESOME!!! Diana, the manager of these quaint bungalows, liquidates estates so I have been scoring on some really cool and funky-with-history furniture. The boys can actually walk to school. Life is rad.

I turned in my #8 book - The Faerie's Guide to Green Magick in the Garden. It should be out in August 2010. I had a lot of fun planting new herbs and trying out new recipes. I still need to go back and make those Lavender Dark Chocolate Truffles, Hawthorne May Wine and Damiana Freya Liquour. I planted Motherwort and Vervain and have a Chocolate Mint to plant once we finish the French Drain, which looks more like the Cocycus River and the nymph that Mint was named after. You have to read the book for that story!!

I'm no longer employed. Join the club you say? I say it's Tabla Rasa Time! A fresh new slate and time to reinvent myself. I'm going to be a teacher - college, my own school, guest lecturer, keynote speaker, who knows!? It's a bright new future and I'm soo looking forward to the ride. Catch ya later friends!!