Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12 Days of Chica Lit

I am participating in a Chica Lit Blog Tour. It's a like a relay race. In a nutshell, there are several Latina writers who will post stories on their websites and ask a question about their story. Winners will be announced on the website of the next writer in line to post her story. It will continue like that, for our 12 Days of Chica Lit. I'm still deciding on my best prize, so go ahead and give me your suggestions. Here's the line up.

Mary Castillo - 12/11 www.marycastillo. com (Prize: $15 gift certificate)

Berta Platas - 12/12 www.myspace. com/bertaplatas (Prize: Bath and Bodyworks Bath Gel and Friday Night Chicas) Mayra Calvani- 12/13 - The Dark Phantom, http://thedarkphant om.wordpress. com (Prize: Copy of DARK LULLABY)

Caridad Pineiro - 12/14 www.caridad. (Prize: A copy of SEX & THE SOUTH BEACH CHICAS and Victoria's Secret bag with goodies) Lara Rios- 12/15 http://www.lararios .blogspot. com/ (Prize: Copies of Becoming Latina In 10 Easy Steps and Becoming Americana)

Caridad Ferrer (Barbara) - 12/16 http://fashionista- 35.livejournal. com/ (Prize: Copies of AdiĆ³s and Accent and an iTunes gift card)

Margo Candela - 12/17 www.margocandela. com (Prize: $25 Bath & Body Works gift)

Kathy Cano Murillo- 12/18 www.craftychica. com

Tracy Montoya - 12/19 (www.tracymontoya. blogspot. com ) (Prize: a copy of TELLING
SECRETS and Fair Trade chocolate)

Jamie Martinez Wood- 12/20 and

Misa Ramirez - 12/21 www.misaramirez. com

Sofia Quintero - 12/22 www.blackartemis. com (Prize: Bundle of 3 Black Artemis novels) Toni

Margarita Plummer - 12/23 - www.myspace. com/toniplummer (Prize: copy of Palabra
Magazine and $20 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble)

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