Monday, January 14, 2008

Mama, is Santa Claus for real?

A couple of days ago my son Skyler asked me if Santa Claus is real. Now, he's ten, and it's after Christmas, and I'd heard that some of his classmates knew the truth and felt all proud and mature. So I told Skyler that Santa is the Spirit of Christmas, and I went along these lines until he point blank said, but is he real, physical, can you touch him? No, I said. And you know what the little bugger did? He cried, hard. So much for feeling proud and all grown up. So I clumsily tried to cover my tracks. Shit. Somehow the subject got changed and neither of us cared to explore it any further. The next day, Skyler came to me teary-eyed and said, I thought Santa Claus was the spirit of Jesus Christ, and that's how he got his magic to visit all the houses and make all the toys for every child in the world. And the reason he did it was so that on his birthday, all those kids' happiness and their happy faces would be his birthday present.


I just love this concept. I mean, perhaps that is what Santa Claus is. (Christ, Buddha, Light)Consciousness living in each of us, reaching out to each other, particularly the children. Just for the record, I'm introducing my children equally to all forms of God/Goddess - Buddha, Quan Yin, Wolf Medicine, Mama Earth, Jesus - you name it. Skyler saw the magic and wonder in an area that has for centuries been so devoid of this mystery. Through his view of magic and love, Skyler decided the greatest gift was to give and bring others' happiness.

I'm so joyful, I could spit.

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