Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Contest for Teens - Win an Autographed Book

Writing Contest: Think, Write, Win!! All right grab your pens and pencils, it's time to start writing. I've written seven books, now I want to hear from you. No seriously, I'm very curious to know what you're thinking about a particular subject.

What is that subject? Magic of course!! Magic and mystery are sweeping the globe, in books, movies, tv shows. What's up with that? I want you to tell me. Write me an essay on why you think magic is so popular right now. I will choose winners based on how much thought and consideration you put into what you write. Check the spelling, too. If you win, you'll get an autographed book from me. There will be two entries. One for people ages 11-14, essays must be 150 words. Another entry for people, ages 15-18, essays must be 250 words. Send essays to, with "writing contest" in the subject line. The contest begins Tuesday, February 12 and will close Tuesday, February 26. Think about your answers. I know you have some amazing ideas and opinions out there. I want to hear them. I will post winning essays on my website, blog, and myspace page.

The Question: Why is magic so popular?

Rules: Two winners, one for a 11-14 age group and another for the 15-18 age group. No cheating, because if I don't catch you, then the Goddess will. Good karma for all.

The prize: You Choose, either The Teen Spell Book: Magick for Young Witches or The Enchanted Diary: A Teen's Guide to Magick and Life.

Deadline: February 26.

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