Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day Two of Filming

I can now add a few more titles to my resume while in the making of the book trailer for Rogelia's House of Magic: casting, co-director, craft services, animal corraler, still photographer taker (there's a more professional name for this, but I forgot), and hair and makeup artist. Also, not sure if this counts. but I was also Set Mama. How much fun is this???? Let me tell you, I'm loving every minute of it.

Now this may sound absolutely silly to some of you and totally respectiful to others, and of course, somewhere in between for most of you. (I'm finally getting the hang of the idea that life does not have to be either black or white.) I believe strongly in supporting IMAGINATION: the ability to visualize an image in your head. I also believe that visual media can sometimes, oftentimes, provides images, lasting, permanent images, while literary works encourage imagination, images that are fleeting, changeable, more vapor and yet strong in feeling. So even though I am totally intrigued by the idea of seeing the 3D image of my story come to life, I want to preserve the right of the reader to imagine their own version of Fern, Marina, Xochitl, and Rogelia. That said, I think we did a pretty good job of casting. Our cast is beautiful, professional, and hard-working.

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