Saturday, March 1, 2008

Four Crows: A Spiritual Center

Today, my friends, Nila and Daryl, allowed us to film for several hours at their store, Four Crows: A Spiritual Center. We took over the store with lights, kids, food, clothes, etc. They were such amazing good sports about it. I'm so grateful to have such good friends.

Please go visit their store or website. You abolsutely need to check out their amazing Spirit Jewelry. Daryl, a Sundancer and Pipe Carrier for the Lakota, creates the jewelry with the spirit of animals that coincide with birth months - like astrological jewlery, but this is really cool because he makes each unique piece on site and the jewelry is more like a totem of the animal that is already protecting and guiding you. So far, he has created a badger, wolf, bear necklaces. Or receive a one of kind, knock you between the eyballs kind of spiritual readings from Nila. A few years ago, Nila and I took ten women on a Goddess Retreat to Kadavu, Fiji. She's a very powerful woman who will help you find the power to create a life of great happiness.

The woman you see in the pink, behind the girls, is Lori Stoll. My new best friend : ) - at least she's the person I talk most to everyday. She's directing this book trailer for me. We're working on her forthcoming book, The Jew and The Inuit Girl. It's her memoir, detailing the story of a celebrity photographer who adopts an Inuit teenager. It will blow your socks off. Really.
We are taking off Sunday, but will shoot again Monday. More pics to come. Rogelia's House of Magic is definitely coming to life.

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