Sunday, April 27, 2008

California Comadrazo

We had a most amazing time at the California Comadrazo!

I met up with Nora Comstock, Josefina Lopez, Ligiah Villalobos, Mary Castiilo, Nancy Marmolejo, Helena Pasquarelli, so many amazing women. We had such a great time.

In addition to premiering my book trailer for Rogelia's House of Magic. My good buddy, Melinda Rodriquez and I performed our Goddess Drumming & Inspirational Spoken Word Presentation

Let me tell you about it! Our presentation began with a four directions invocation in Cherokee, Spanish, and English languages. I performed my poem Phoenix Rising from The Enchanted Diary to the accompaniment of Melinda's passionate drumming. The powerful wrap up included a motivational audience-interactive drum and chant that left everyone feeling their immense inner strength and joy. It was awesome!!!

Hope to see you all at the next gig

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