Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do You Write to Inform or Entertain?

A writer friend posted the question, do you write to inform or entertain on her myspace blog and I thought it so intrigueing, I had to respond.

It is my dearest desire and goal as a writer to inform/educate as I entertain or vice versa (depending on whether or not it's fiction or nonfiction). I find that having written four books on an earth spirituality known as Wicca, education is a major part of my work. Letting people know what Goddess spirituality isn't is as important to letting someone knowing what it is. My writings have given people tools necessary to fight ignorance that would deprive them of their jobs, children, parents, friends, etc. At the same time, being a rather bossy oldest sibling (oldest grandchild as well), I need to be careful not to be too didactic with my lessons and educate through parables and stories, offering something that makes the writing accessible, relatable and universal. Finding the right balance is key. Now that I'm writing fiction, I need to let the story reveal the message, which is trickier for me, yet in some ways closer to my heart. I dream of being one of those storytellers that you imagine around a latenight campfire in the woods who captivates all who can hear her words and once you've heard one of her stories, you'll have learned something so valuable and dear, you will never be the same again.

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